Authored by Johnny G on March 24, 2023

Pothole City!

What is going on with the roads in this city? When are the city crews going to at least start patching up the potholes?? It's beyond ridiculous right now. Special shout out to drivers who use 13th Stree. If you're heading south on 13th past the Park ave intersection, HEADS UP about 1 block south of that intersection. Major pothole alert!! As of Friday night, the city had no signage alerting motorists and vehicles were weaving onto the other side of the street too avoid a rough ride and possibly needing some suspension repairs to their vehicle. 

Answers and comments:

Frank M
Frank M
April 15, 2023

The road conditions in Brandon are beyond ridiculous this spring. So many motorists dodging potholes these days. But I hear Winnipeg is much worse.