The Evolution of Flooring

The Evolution of Flooring

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What we sell

Vinyl plank
Waterproof laminate
Luxury vinyl tile
Carpet tile
Rolled carpet
Sheet vinyl
Ceramic tile

90 percent of what we sell is vinyl plank.
It is the look of hardwood, without the higher price. Hardwood and ceramic tile is still sold to people that appreciate the beauty and quality of it.

The evolution of flooring from when I started in the mid 80's

1985 - 1995 carpet and linoleum (rolled goods) is what went in every home.

1995-2010 laminate floors became popular and stayed popular for 10 to 15 years. Carpet was still put in basements and bedrooms. Sheet vinyl was going in kitchens and bathrooms.

2000's vinyl plank started replacing laminates due to their waterproof qualities. Laminate flooring did not like moisture. Carpet was still going in basements and fewer and fewer carpets were going into bedrooms.

2010 -2015 vinyl plank was starting to go throughout every room in the home,  and into basements. Rolled carpet was losing its appeal although still being used in many basements and bedrooms. Sheet vinyl was losing its popularity.

2015-2022 we're seeing major improvements in vinyl plank floors. Still waterproof and constantly getting more "realistic" looking and far more stable as there were buckling and gapping issues in its infancy. We are also seeing a resurgence in laminate floors as they are now making them water-resistant. Rolled carpet is still going in some basements and bedrooms and we're seeing more carpet tiles being installed residentially.

Carpet tiles are something that's been around for years but only in commercial applications. We're really promoting it for practicality reasons and ease of replacement if damaged.  Also, traditional carpet is difficult to train someone to do and all the experienced installers are getting old and tired and retiring. It's much easier to train someone to put in vinyl plank and carpet tiles than rolled material.

There are 3 of us on the sales floor. Kevin has about 15 years of experience, Bobby-jo has 10, and I have 30-35 ish.

We have 4 installers on the tools full time, 2 of which are red seal carpenters.  Our top installer is mostly off the tools now. His job is overseeing the others and booking installations and troubleshooting when required.





Mark J