Provincial Officials Remind Anglers to Thoroughly Check Ice Conditions

Source: Province of Manitoba News Release



The Manitoba government is reminding ice fishers and outdoor enthusiasts to carefully evaluate ice conditions before venturing onto Manitoba lakes and rivers due to the warmer than usual weather, Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources Minister Jamie Moses announced today.


“Manitoba has a lot to offer for those who enjoy winter activities like ice fishing, cross-country skiing and ice skating on our waterbodies, especially with the recent mild weather conditions,” said Moses. “We want to remind people to keep themselves and their families safe by thoroughly checking ice conditions, and by following local municipal rules, before they venture onto lakes and rivers.”


This time of year, especially in southern Manitoba, ice is still forming and could be dangerously thin.

“Check conditions often as you travel across the ice as ice thickness can vary from one location to the next,” said Moses.

In addition to protecting themselves, the minister noted ice fishers should also help protect the health of waterways by being proactive in preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species.

“Winter does not prevent zebra mussels and other invasive species from spreading,” said Moses. “That is why it is important to remove aquatic plants from water-related equipment, and to clean, drain and dry fishing gear before moving from one body of water to another.”

If fishers are unsure whether their gear has been properly decontaminated, the gear can be exposed to freezing temperatures, below -10 C for three consecutive days before it is moved to another waterbody.

“As the Manitoba government works collaboratively with other levels of government and affected stakeholders, we are hoping that the public understands that their actions play a key role in protecting our natural resources,” said Moses. “Working together, we can help keep each other safe while ensuring that outdoor enthusiasts enjoy Manitoba for generations to come.”

For more information on measures to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species, visit:

Province of Manitoba News Release