Officials Expect Assiniboine River Levels to Rise This Spring

Source: Province of Manitoba News Release





Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre advises it will increase flows from the Shellmouth Reservoir as part of the normal operation to draw down the level of the reservoir in preparation for spring run-off from the upper Assiniboine River.


Outflow from Shellmouth Dam will be increased tomorrow to 600 cubic feet per second (cfs) from the current 480 cfs. Outflow from the Shellmouth Dam will be further increased to 700 cfs on Feb. 21.


The final release of 700 cfs will raise Assiniboine River water levels by one to two feet between the Shellmouth Dam and Brandon. The rise in levels will decrease in the eastern reaches of the river and will be near half a foot as the increase arrives in Winnipeg in two weeks.


The province will continue to monitor conditions in the upper Assiniboine River as well as downstream river levels.


Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure advises the public to take precautions as the rise in water levels may create unsafe conditions on the river and along the shoreline.

Province of Manitoba News Release