Province of Manitoba News Release - February 23, 2024




The Manitoba government is taking action to unfreeze funding for Manitoba Possible’s wheelchair repair program and providing more than $288,000 to hire more repair technicians, Families Minister Nahanni Fontaine, minister responsible for accessibility, and Health, Seniors and Long-Term Care Minister Uzoma Asagwara announced today. 


“Our government has heard loud and clear that the right wheelchair can make all the difference to Manitobans living with disabilities,” said Fontaine. “Making people wait weeks for tools they need every day is unacceptable. This investment will shorten wait times and improve access to wheelchair services so every Manitoban can get safe, timely repairs and modifications.” 


Manitoba Possible offers mobility supports including long-term loans of manual and motorized wheelchairs for more than 14,000 Manitobans. The program also provides repair and maintenance and modification service to support users’ unique mobility needs. This new investment will help Manitoba Possible grow its repair team with one additional in-house repair technician and one additional field technician, who can travel to service wheelchairs in clients’ home, workplaces or schools. 


“Our government is committed to making Manitoba more accessible for everyone, no matter where you live,” said Asagwara. “This funding will ensure Manitoba Possible can continue to expand their essential work to the many Manitobans who count on them including working towards restoring better service for our rural and northern neighbours.” 


“As a powerchair user from rural Manitoba, this will bring some ease to my life,” said Alex Lytwyn, wheelchair program client. “This funding will also allow wheelchair users from remote and rural parts of the province to feel connected to the rest of society and to not be forgotten about while continuing to live life with one less burden.” 


“By prioritizing the Manitoba Wheelchair Program, the province is ensuring access to mobility for wheelchair users across Manitoba,” said Lindsey Cooke, CEO, Manitoba Possible. “This funding will directly address critical gaps by filling crucial wheelchair technician positions, acquiring essential tools and equipment, and improving service delivery in rural Manitoba. We are immensely grateful for this support, which not only upholds the independence and livelihoods of Manitobans with disabilities, but also underscores our shared commitment to inclusive and accessible society for all.” 


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Province of Manitoba News Release